Case Studies

Terrier Event Security

“Working with Terrier Security has been a good experience. As a football club, the safety and security of the fans is of utmost importance and working with Terrier has been ideal in that respect. The security guards and Bouncers are deployed on time and in a systematic manner and the members of the staff were quick in their learning of a new environment and atmosphere”

-Susmith Varkey Thomas, JSW Bengaluru Football Club

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Terrier Passenger Information System

Commuters all around the globe face the daily challenge while planning their day because of the unpredictable traffic and frequent breakdowns. Terrier through its comprehensive GPS based Passenger Information Display System helps the commuters to track their buses on a real time basis resulting in decrease in wait time.

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Terrier Smart ATM Solution

Every action at the premises is monitored by Terrier’s Global Command Center 24*7 to ensure total security of the premises. In case of break in, an alarm is raised in the command center. If it is not a false alarm, a QRT van is sent to the location immediately.

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Terrier Vehicle Tracking

Terrier unique GPS vehicle tracking solution brought down the customer’s cost by 1.17 Lakh per year per vehicle. Our customer had 14 vehicles which led to total annual saving of 16.4 Lakh.

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Terrier Smart City Solution

Smart cities aim to integrate plethora of services leading to efficiency and sustainability which form the backbone of these cities and support future sustainably. Terrier provided Smart surveillance integrated with the Global Command Center to provide the connectivity which enhanced the quality of life.

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