Investigations and Background Verifications

Terrier Security Services (India) Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore is an ISO 27001-2013 certified Verification Company. With our Pan India operations, we are one of the most sought after companies for background verification and credential checks including financial standings, amongst many others.

We collect factual information about the candidate’s work history directly from the source – Human Resources and Payroll. We compare Information on previous positions held, dates of employment and reasons for leaving and cross-reference them with details provided by the candidate for a valuable view of their work experience and honesty.

Our comprehensive address validation executives will ensure only accurate and complete addresses of client’s employees enter their database by physically verifying the addresses along with photographs to authenticate the same.

Our educational validation executives will conduct the validation of a candidate’s educational credentials by liaising with various universities and schools across India.

TERRIER utilizes its dynamic Investigation department to conduct its investigation and verification function. Our investigation team has the experience and skill to conduct effective investigations operations that will produce objective results.

All your needs covered

Regardless of the size of your business, image or reputation of your organization and above all, customer satisfaction, is it not that, you always desires to make sure that you have made a proper choice in your employee selection; you can also look forward to:

  • Save time and money
  • Avoid negligent hiring
  • Provide a safer work environment
  • Pick out the right ones by detection falsified job application
  • Taking sound hiring decisions

What does TERRIER provide?

Terrier with its competence and capability has been providing background checks /investigation services to a large number of customers in the IT, manufacturing, ITES, Banking, Insurance and Retail Sectors in Bangalore and other cities. The checks essentially cover the following.

Pre / Post employment Verification. Employees who produced Employees who concealed
Personal details Faked resumes Criminal record
Residential address Wrong and incorrect addresses Political and trade union
Educational qualifications Fake educational certificates Connections
Professional experience Fake experience certificate Vices – Alcoholism, Drug addiction
Previous employment Police record Health problems


This expertise also extends to investigations pertaining to theft, frauds, crimes, and personal issues. Offer Professional Private Investigation Services

  • Per/post matrimonial verification
  • Finger print of employees with complete bio data
  • Due diligence information
  • Asset verification
  • Insurance investigation
  • Surveillance and tracking of suspects
  • Cyber crime investigation
  • Trade mark verification
  • Industrial pilferage investigation
  • Investigation of accidents
  • Investigation of corporate fraud
  • Locating addresses