Terrier Business Solution

Terrier Business Solution

At Terrier Security Services (India) Pvt. Ltd, we are focused on customer satisfaction. With this in mind, we train our staff to the highest standards in order to ensure we are always ready to deliver under challenging circumstances. Our high quality training also enables our employees to perform to the best of their abilities and aids their career advancement.

Terrier Business Solution

Asset Management

    Senses and record the properties materials consumption
  • This data will provide valuable insights around consumption patterns
  • Helps you to predict and replenish your inventory just in time and plug the pilferage


  • Provides advanced geo-tracking with route playback for your field workforce
  • On-boarding, managing schedule, assigning tasks and tracking productivity of your team
  • State of the art mobile apps for your workforce and clients, and cloud dashboard to manage your business


  • Revolutionary predictive maintenance solution to reduce breakdown and increase industrial assets lives
  • Intelligent fault measuring sensor agnostic gateway powerd by human knowledge and AI
  • Consists of a BI dashboard based on algorithms which help in fault learning and prediction
  • Provides the end user a seamless asset and plant health check


  • Allows you to track and manage the entry and exit of visitors, Vendors, Contractors and Service Providers
  • Assists in capturing the details of visitors in a systematic manner and maintain a repository ot the same
  • It allows to print a professional quality and customized visitor badge
  • It helps to retrieve visitors information using mobil numbers or full name